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 Please Support Our Wounded

http://www.goldengroveappeal.com Almost 70.000.00 Raised so far

Golden Grove Appeal (Healing the Wounds) has been launched for the purpose of raising the funds needed to enable the purchase of a suitable facility within Wales for the treatment of our Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans and their families, who are suffering from stress related illnesses such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and to provide a convalescent home to allow them to heal and recover from the traumas of conflict.

Golden Grove Mansion has become available for purchase with 100 acres of Country Park, which would provide a peaceful and beautiful environment that would be the perfect place for recovery.

However, if the sale of the property does not materialize, Healing the Wounds charity will continue to raise the funds needed for the purpose of searching for an alternative suitable property to facilitate treatments and convalescence for our Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans and their families.
This is and shall always remain the prime objective of the charity
 Cardiff Castle Museum

Visit the fundraising website at www.cardiffcastlemuseum.org.uk
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